Wash with Ozone: A Chemical-Free Choice

May 17, 2024

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The media does a great job of marketing all kinds of laundry products. From liquid soaps to fabric softeners, pods, beads, and sheets, there are so many choices. Let's not forget about all of the stain-fighting sprays, sticks, gels, and powders.

Life can be messy; hotter months are upon us, and wearing lighter colors may be a chance worth taking during the summer. The kids are playing sports, and those uniforms can get pretty ripe. What does your week look like? Sweaty gym sessions, riding lessons, day hikes, late-night hot flashes, dirt-caked clothing from a day in the garden, kids in day care or summer camp, elderly parents in assisted living—and before you know it, your laundry is in need of a serious wash...or two.

Laundry now comes with big decisions. Do I save money and buy big-box brand detergent? What soap is good for sensitive skin? I saw a tik-tok that said using fabric softener is bad for your clothing and washing machine. Laundry should not induce a panic attack or require multiple washes to get a clean result.

What if I told you that you could make a chemical-free choice that does not require you to buy any laundry products? Don't throw away your laundry products just yet; let's talk about what this chemical-free alternative is and how it can benefit you.

The science behind ozone.

In nature, ozone is created by a lightning strike or, in the case of a washing machine, by using electricity. Ozone molecules are formed through the separation of oxygen molecules and the reformation of oxygen atoms. Science is so cool! As a result, we get a cleaning agent that is 3,000 times more powerful than bleach. Ozone is used in a variety of applications, from mold remediation to equipment sterilization, and in businesses like ours, it creates a safe, all-natural way to clean your clothing.

The benefits of using ozone.

Ozone is a water softener; what does that mean? It helps to dissolve calcium and magnesium deposits, as well as any other water treatments done by the city or town. Softer water allows for better suds and a more complete rinse; your fabrics retain less water, thus leading to softer fabrics. In addition, this also means it will take less time for you to dry your clothing.

Heavy odors can be hard to get rid of with a conventional washer and dryer. Smoke, animals, and even working for a candle company can leave you with odors that are hard to get out of fabrics. Due to the nature of ozone, this process breaks down these odor compounds, killing any bacteria leaving your laundry smelling so fresh, so clean.

Where can you wash with ozone?

Wash Works in Springfield, MA has an ozone injection system. Whether you are doing the laundry yourself or taking advantage of the Wash & Fold or Pick Up & Delivery service, your laundry is being washed with ozone. You now have the choice to take the chemicals out of your laundry routine.

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