Clean Vision: A New Neighborhood Laundromat

April 19, 2024

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The History

The laundromat has been around for decades. The first "washateria" opened on April 18, 1934 in Fort Worth Texas. Today, these facilities are known as a laundromat. They provide an opportunity for residents to access a means to get their laundry done.

Moving Into the Neighborhood.

Now, a laundromat might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to opening a business, but the Bloom family saw the need for a laundromat in the Old Hill neighborhood, located in Springfield, MA They purchased a laundromat that recently closed and was due for some serious updates.

The Renovation

Work began almost immediately, and the existing laundromat began to transform into something that the Bloom family could be proud to say they own. Installing high-speed, energy-efficient machines that save customers like you, time! The washers spin at 200Gs, how fast is that? A space shuttle taking-off only puts out 3Gs, just to put this into perspective. Aside from the spin cycle, what truly makes these washing machines amazing is the OZONE injection system. Every wash-load has a chemical-free sanitation process. If you smoke, have a relative in nursing care, babies (no explanation needed), this system will remove most, if not all the odors from your laundry. The new dryers spin in both directions to make sure nothing gets tangled and everything dries evenly. Every detail from the tile on the floor to the brand new Speed Queen machines was carefully thought out.

During the renovation process, Alex, Yoeimilis and Deimian had a chance to meet some of the people in the neighborhood. Individuals and families who have been residents in this area for many years. They would stop by just to say hi, eager to hear about the latest additions and asking when the doors would open. It is one thing to see your vision come to life, it is another to use that vision to give back to the community that supports it. 

The concept was a space that people would feel safe and welcome. Wash Works is brightly-lit with off-street parking, a newly renovated bathroom, friendly staff, comfortable seating and a book nook for the kids! These concepts were important during the planning stage, and now a reality.

Convenience is Key

Time and ease-of-use was also something that was carefully considered. The consumer app gives you a view of what machines are available, as well as the option to start your laundry and run some errands instead of being stuck watching the spin cycle (it is sorta cool to watch). If you want to keep things simple, Wash Works can accommodate. Pay with coins, cash, card or use the consumer app.

New Beginnings

The Blooms are just started. The potential for this to be a great community laundromat is no longer a pipe dream and and Alex, his wife Yoeimilis and son Deimian are proud to be a part of this community. A message from the family, thank you all for your support and business.

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